The Highest Form of Leadership™ — Accountability

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Accountability Is The Highest Form of Leadership

This is not your same old leadership message. Sam comes from a different point, accountability, because he believes it is the highest and purest form of leadership. Accountability is the shortest distance between two points, leadership and profitability. Accountability is what can and will differentiate you and your organization, making you a great leader and transforming your business.

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“Sam Silverstein’s performance on the platform as a keynote speaker at the annual management meeting of Life Care Centers of America validated the value of our company culture, affirmed it’s role as a compass on a sea of uncertainty in health care, and identified accountability as the characteristic that sets an organization apart in the marketplace.”Beecher Hunter, President, Life Care Centers of America

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Leadership speaker and accountability expert Sam Silverstein incites success and creates leaders everywhere he goes. He leaves those he meets challenged toward results and encouraged toward greatness. In his presentations, Sam challenges his audiences to think differently, uses unforgettable illustrations and paints vibrant and inspiring pictures for attendees.

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