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I had the opportunity recently to attend a symposium in New York City.  The topic was the legislative career of Ted Kennedy.  Two of the speakers were Caroline Kennedy and Justice Stephen Breyer.  It was incredibly insightful to hear about the traits and characteristics of Senator Kennedy that contributed to his successes.  Senator Kennedy served for 47 years and participated in over 15,000 votes.  In this interview I share some of take-aways for me.

Long Term Professional Success from Sam Silverstein on Vimeo.

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  1. Greetings from Calgary Sam…there’s still some snow ‘in them thar mountains’, hope you can join us next winter again.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the interview and perspective on Ted Kennedy. He and Jack (whom I got to meet) are still some of my very favorite people.You came across with ‘passion’ in the interview.

    As a father, I’m sure you can proudly say that your daughter did one heck of a job by putting the symposium together. I look forward to hearing more at NSA in Anaheim if you plan to attend.

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