The Accountability Movement

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There is an Accountability Movement™ underway and I want you to know about it. In October, November and December we went into eleven communities and met with leaders from businesses, government, education and not-for-profits. Over lunch we discussed what it took to build an accountable community. We listened as leaders shared their challenges and we offered solutions to put them on a path to growth.

These meetings, or Accountability Roundtables™ as we like to call them, were all about helping organizations get better, creating an environment where people wanted to be accountable and then coming together in the community and being accountable in that setting as well.

The bottom line is that, based on our research, organizations that know what they value and live those values consistently create a culture with a higher level of effectiveness than the organizations that did not. At these meetings there was a high interest in finding out how to effectively identify an organization’s values and how to establish them throughout an organization. The conversations were thought provoking and inspiring.

Business, government, education and not-for-profits not only become accountable as individual organizations, but in a community that is becoming an accountable community they learn to work better together, keep their commitments to each other and grow in impact and effectiveness.

The Accountability Movement is real, it’s happening and it will continue to grow. We want to hear from you. We want your creative ideas on how to share our vision with more people and we want to work together to create accountable organizations, communities and people. And, if you are interested in an Accountability Roundtable in your community contact us.