Uber Drives Off Without Accountability

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Cyber security is on a lot of people’s minds these days. We want to keep our identity and personal information private. Uber on the other hand has shown that they do not care about their customer’s privacy. The only thing that matters is winning.

An in-depth probe of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick by The New York Times revealed some interesting insights. Two years ago Kalanick was called into the office of Apple CEO Tim Cook and rebuked for purposefully breaking Apple rules with their app. Uber built into the app the ability to track you and your iPhone even if you deleted the app.

But it gets worse. Uber then devised a system so that anyone who was physically located at Apple headquarters couldn’t deep dive into the app code because of geotagging built into the app. In other words, they worked real hard to use technology to cover their tracks.  They were okay with violating the Apple policies and agreements that companies who have apps sign as well as their clients personal privacy until they were caught

This premeditated attempt to lie, cheat and steal appears to be at the core of who Uber is. They run with a “win at any cost mentality.”
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Where’s The Accountability in Our Leadership

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Last week when President Trump said that he was sending an “Armada” to North Korea, the four ships mentioned were in fact heading in the opposite direction to participate in military exercises off the coast of Australia.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that President Trump made?

White House press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke of having the ships in the region to give the President more options with North Korea. The ships were not headed toward North Korea.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that the press secretary made?

Did President Trump loose his boats? Did he lie or was he just incompetent? Did we as a nation loose our credibility with the erratic North Korean leader because we made a statement and didn’t back it up with truth?

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Accountable to Fire

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Fox News let Bill O’Reilly go in the aftermath of harassment allegations. This is a decision to do what’s right, even at a financial cost. Fox News becomes accountable in that decision

Accountability doesn’t show up until a tough decision has to be made. Anyone can make the easy decision but when there is money at stake or market share or even additional work for everyone else it is easy to go down the slippery slope and not make the tough decision.

All of this comes on the heels of Roger Ailes, the founding head of Fox News, being let go last year because of sexual harassment charges. In letting Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly go they are saying that their culture matters. They are telling everyone at the organization that we don’t act like that around here. They are saying that they want their future to look different than their past.

Cultures don’t heal overnight, but making this decision is the start of something very positive. Fox News has the ability, if they do it right, to come back stronger. If they clearly identify their values, and then make sure that all decisions are based on those values, the culture will move from one of default to one of design. In the process they will create a positive place to work for everyone.

Fly The Friendly Skies of Accountability

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We’ve all seen the online videos of the person being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. It looked terrible. It was terrible.

There are several issues at play here that show a lack of accountability.

The first is the decision to drag a person off of a flight. When the airline offered $800 to passengers to give up their seat and it wasn’t taken the next move would have been to offer $1000, $1200 or more. If the airline sold the seats and then needs them back the airline should realize that they are responsible to make it right, not the customer.

Second, who decided to drag the person off of the airplane? Who decided that there were not any other solutions? Which United employees stood around and didn’t interject and say, “This isn’t how we do things here?” In an organization with a culture that encourages accountability all employees help their teammates be accountable.

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We The People

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“I’m the president. And I’m always responsible,” President Barack Obama said in 2012 after the attack on a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed.

In 2010 that same leader said, “In case you were wondering, in any of your reporting, who’s responsible? I take responsibility” after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf.

On March 4, 1987, President Reagan addressed the American people from the Oval Office about the Iran-Contra Scandal and took responsibility for his Administration’s participation. He famously said: “Now, what should happen when you make a mistake is this: You take your knocks, you learn your lessons, and then you move on. That’s the healthiest way to deal with a problem… You know, by the time you reach my age, you’ve made plenty of mistakes. And if you’ve lived your life properly — so, you learn. You put things in perspective. You pull your energies together. You change. You go forward.”

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