Loyalty Is Given First

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At a dinner that President Trump had with then FBI Director James Comey it is reported that President Trump demanded loyalty from the Director. Leadership doesn’t work that way.

Loyalty always starts with the leader. The leader must first give loyalty to the people they lead. Only when the leader freely and thoroughly gives loyalty to the people they lead does the leader deserve and receive loyalty in return.

This is the problem with leadership today. Leadership is never about the leader. Leadership is always about the people who are being lead. This means that the idea of “self-leadership” is really a total falsehood. You can’t lead if you don’t have people to lead. And, if you have people to lead, people you are responsible for, then it is always about them.
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Uber Drives Off Without Accountability

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Cyber security is on a lot of people’s minds these days. We want to keep our identity and personal information private. Uber on the other hand has shown that they do not care about their customer’s privacy. The only thing that matters is winning.

An in-depth probe of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick by The New York Times revealed some interesting insights. Two years ago Kalanick was called into the office of Apple CEO Tim Cook and rebuked for purposefully breaking Apple rules with their app. Uber built into the app the ability to track you and your iPhone even if you deleted the app.

But it gets worse. Uber then devised a system so that anyone who was physically located at Apple headquarters couldn’t deep dive into the app code because of geotagging built into the app. In other words, they worked real hard to use technology to cover their tracks.  They were okay with violating the Apple policies and agreements that companies who have apps sign as well as their clients personal privacy until they were caught

This premeditated attempt to lie, cheat and steal appears to be at the core of who Uber is. They run with a “win at any cost mentality.”
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Where’s The Accountability in Our Leadership

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Last week when President Trump said that he was sending an “Armada” to North Korea, the four ships mentioned were in fact heading in the opposite direction to participate in military exercises off the coast of Australia.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that President Trump made?

White House press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke of having the ships in the region to give the President more options with North Korea. The ships were not headed toward North Korea.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that the press secretary made?

Did President Trump loose his boats? Did he lie or was he just incompetent? Did we as a nation loose our credibility with the erratic North Korean leader because we made a statement and didn’t back it up with truth?

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