Sexual Misconduct Would Not Exist in an Accountable Culture

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It’s really very simple, if an organization’s culture was really an accountable culture then sexual misconduct could not persist. And, while it probably wouldn’t happen in the first place, at the first sign that sexual misconduct reared it’s ugly head it would be cut off and eliminated in an instant.

Accountability would not allow sexual misconduct to take root.

People talk about “open secrets” that accompanied the actions of Harvey Weinstein and others. Inappropriate behavior would never be an “open secret” in an organization where there was an accountable culture. It would not be tolerated. It would not be accepted.
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Welcome to America … We Have No Values … It’s All About Power

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The time has come to take the gloves off and be brutally honest. When someone is willing to support, give money to or vote to elect someone to the United States Senate who has been accused of molesting a minor then all you care about is power. All you care about is the seat in the Senate and being able to pass a bill. All you care about are money decisions.

We can try and hide behind, “Well, I wasn’t there. He hasn’t been convicted of a crime. He’s a man of God” but the truth is, either you have values and are willing to stand up for those values or you do not. We have to stop trying to justify and rationalize someone’s morally absent actions and stand up for what is right.

Accountability comes down to a moral standard. If we have no moral standard then who are we accountable to? And, for what?
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The Future of Leadership is Accountability

Sam Silverstein Blog

It is difficult to predict the future. What is going to happen in the stock market? Will my property value continue to increase? Will I be able to afford to send my children to college? The current stable economy will not last forever.

No one knows what the future holds but I do know that those organizations that have the best leadership will be positioned to be the most competitive, the most desirable to work at and the most likely to prosper in any economic climate.

When a leader freaks out and starts changing things their people are intensely affected. Inconsistent leadership creates an environment that is full of distractions for the people they lead. When the people are distracted they cannot focus on the purpose, mission and tasks at hand for the enterprise.

It will always come back to what you believe. What do you believe about keeping your commitments? What do you believe about your people? What do you believe about what is in your control? What do you believe about the values that you say you have and make decisions by?

It is common to want to change, cut, reorganize and eliminate during uncertain times. In uncertain times the foundation of great leadership is staying steady. The key is to understand where and what to stay steady with.
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