It Takes Kids to Teach Accountable Leadership

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What happens when the way we have always done things isn’t working? What happens when change is necessary but we seem stuck in a pattern? What happens when a situation needs a leader, or in this case, leaders?

Each year gun violence in schools is rising. There are more reported incidents of children being harmed in schools than ever before. There does not seem to be an end in sight. What happens now?

What has happened is that the kids stood up and said “Never Again” and lead the March for Our Lives.

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Are You Accountable To or Accountable For?

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My wife’s parents were over for dinner the other night. Renee cooked a nice meal, we had a great time together and after sitting around for a while to talk after dinner I drove them home. Along with Renee’s brother and his wife we look after them, we help them balance their check book and we make sure they have the care necessary to be both comfortable and safe. We do the same for my mother.

Growing up, as children, we were accountable to our parents. We had to do our chores, we had to clean our room and we certainly had to make sure our homework was done.

As adults with aging parents we now find that we are accountable for them. We look after them. We make sure they have what they need and we insure their safety.

When you are accountable to someone they are responsible for some aspect of your well-being; they affect your life beyond a surface level.

When you are accountable for someone you are responsible for some aspect of another individuals well-being; you affect their life beyond a surface level.Read More