Is The Brand More Important Than Accountability

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The politicians are fighting for their brand. They are not fighting for the people. They are supposed to be representing the people.

With the release of the audio tape of Donald Trump making lewd and sexually aggressive comments about women, Paul Ryan told his fellow Republicans to do whatever they have to do to protect themselves. Ryan came up short of pulling his support for Trump. So, what does that tell me about Ryan’s accountability? It says he is more concerned with his brand than with being accountable to the people he serves. He serves the people of Wisconsin as their Congressman and he serves the supporters of the Republican party as the Republican leader.

The Leader Creates the Culture

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I know of too many organizations where the atmosphere is pure stress, it is not relaxed. In an atmosphere of stress, people are limited and have trouble reaching their best. There are many situations where the expectations around attitude, excellence and relationships are not defined, poorly defined or where subpar behavior is allowed to exist.

What difference does a positive environment really make? It makes all the difference.

EpiPen Doesn’t Stick To Their Values – They Stick it to Their Customers

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Mylan, the manufacturer of the EpiPen used by children and adults with deadly allergies, has raised the price of this lifesaving device from $100 to $600 since they acquired it in 2007.

Since when does the actions of other people justify our actions? Since when does the actions of other companies justify our company’s actions? And, when does someone step up and say, “We’re going to do what’s right, period”?


Conversation To Accountability

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We recently begin working on The Accountable Community Project™. One of the first steps was a series of conversations in a community around what really goes into building an accountable community.

We brought together people from very diverse backgrounds. We had a former city mayor and a former convict. We had a recovering drug and alcohol addict and a small business owner. We had spiritual leaders and business people. We had younger and older aged people. And, we had people without tattoos and with a bunch of tattoos.

Accountability is Not About Business it’s About People

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Business executives looking for a competitive advantage today are, more and more, wanting their people to be accountable. The problem is that for some time now society has misunderstood what accountability really is.

Accountability is not a business tool, technique or tactic. Accountability cannot be mandated, dictated or stipulated. Accountability is something that happens on a very visceral level as people learn to really value people and as relationships are built.

The Accountable Community Project™

Sam Silverstein Blog

I’m excited because there are leaders in our communities who want to make a difference, who know that they have what they need to make a difference and are willing to step up, come together, have the tough conversations so they can make a difference in their communities. They want to be a part of building accountable communities. And I’m excited to lead those conversations.

Arizona Primary – It’s a Tough Vote

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A little after midnight, five hours after Hillary Clinton was declared the Democrat winner and several hours after Donald Trump was declared the Republican winner the last voters cast their ballots in the Arizona primary. Voters had spent hours waiting in the hot sun to vote. Many were turned away after the long wait.

his is the United States. The right to vote is a precious right. We should be long past having to figure out how to handle an election. Why are we making it harder to vote?