It Doesn’t Have to Start Like This to Get Like This

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As we walked through the store I thought out loud, “It doesn’t have to start like this to get like this.” Buc-ee’s started with one, much smaller, location and has grown into 27 locations around the state of Texas. Many times we see a successful business or organization and think that we could never build that type of organization. They have their act together, they have this incredibly clean facility, the staff is so well organized, they operate as a cohesive unit and they seemingly own their market.

Walmart Isn’t Coming To Town

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Walmart recently announced the closing of 269 stores worldwide. It will impact 16,000 employees and the many communities where the stores are currently located. When a Walmart comes to a smaller town, local stores may no longer be able to compete and close up leaving Walmart the only choice for clothes or food. In larger markets there may be many …

Are Apple’s Values Upside Down?

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Apple is being sued to help the US Government gain access to a terrorist’s phone and Apple says, “No.” What is it that Apple values? Who are they accountable to? Apple insists that if they help the government gain access to the terrorist’s phone that the same expertise could be used to gain access to any phone. If we make …

Accountability In Action

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Appointing a new United States Supreme Court Justice is always an intriguing process. The President of the United States is directed by the Constitution to appoint a Supreme Court Justice and the Senate must then confirm that appointment for a person to assume the seat on the Supreme Court. With the passing of Justice Scalia, leaders of the Republican party …

Stick It Out or Check Out

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Glenn Frey’s recent death brings to end an era of intriguing relationships, amazing collaboration and incredible rock and roll. As one of the founding members of The Eagles, Glenn Frey and Don Henley formed a song writing and performing team that created some of the most iconic music of our times. Like many relationships, they had their challenges. Actually, they …

The Privilege and Responsibility of Leadership

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The Accountable Leader knows that leadership is a privilege. As a leader you get the ability to impact people’s behavior. When you impact people’s behavior it impacts the business, it impacts families, it impacts schools and ultimately it impacts the community. You, as a leader, position yourself to guide change, to influence the direction of your organization and to help …