The Privilege and Responsibility of Leadership

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The Accountable Leader knows that leadership is a privilege. As a leader you get the ability to impact people’s behavior. When you impact people’s behavior it impacts the business, it impacts families, it impacts schools and ultimately it impacts the community. You, as a leader, position yourself to guide change, to influence the direction of your organization and to help …

Time Warner Cable – What Are You Thinking?

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We’ve all heard the expression, “What have you done for me lately.” Time Warner Cable today released a list of things they were going to “do” that they felt would lead to them shedding the reputation of poor service and quality. The reality is that they cannot “do” themselves out of that deserved reputation. They have to “think” their way …

Volkswagen – Off The Accountability Bus

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With the discovery that Volkswagen installed software in 11 million cars designed to only fully engage the emissions system when being inspected, one has to wonder how a company exists without accountability. You can’t lie, cheat and steal your way to accountability. Volkswagen lied about their cars emissions and performance, they cheated their customers and society as a whole as …

Accountability is What Really Happened in South Carolina

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A fascinating series of events occurred in South Carolina over the past few weeks. Let’s review the facts.

A young white man walked into a church in South Carolina. He walked into a room where bible study was being held. He stood out in that room as he was the only white person there. What happened? He was invited to join everyone in bible study. He joined in before taking his gun out and shooting people. He killed 9 people including the pastor of the church. I find what happened before, during and after this tragic event totally fascinating.