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What We Teach – We teach organizations how to change the way they think about what they believe and value, what’s in their control, what their mission/purpose is, and how to make these elements Non-Negotiable in order to sustain a path to success. We provide organizations and businesses with the tools and resources they need to chart their own course.

Why We Teach – We believe that as organizations understand what they value and why they believe in it, clarity of mission/purpose, strategies and direction come into focus. When the focus is clear, employee engagement increases exponentially. As employee engagement rises, productivity intensifies, creating an organizational culture that inspires accountability.

How We Teach – Through organizational assessment, leadership coaching, and employee development, companies discover their potential to transcend their current level of success. Organizations will recognize what they have in their people and learn to use every asset to benefit the entire organization.

Discovering Your Core Values

Discover how to write your Non-Negotiable Core Values through an interactive thought provoking process where we guide and direct your team in creating an environment where people want to be accountable.

Establishing Your Core Values

Establish your Non-Negotiable Core Values in a way that respects the rights of others. Your leaders will discover how to make decisions consistently around your core values creating and sustaining a culture that inspires accountability.

Disseminating Your Core Values

Disseminate your Non-Negotiable Core Values throughout your organization. Grow your values in your team. Learn how to successfully plant your core values in each member and how to protect the culture you create.

Core Values Evaluation

During our Core Values Evaluation we will make an in-depth evaluation of your Non-Negotiable Core Values as compared with our Accountable Values Model™. We will provide you with the feedback you need to establish those values in your organization and have your team make decisions based on your values.

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developing accountable leaders

Developing Accountable Leaders

We believe the accountable leader is the highest form of leadership. The accountable leader has a solid understanding of what they believe and their purpose for achieving the things set before them. In this personalized coaching format individuals and leadership teams will master all the elements that create, sustain and prioritize an accountable culture.

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