Developing Accountable Leaders

Developing Leaders … Creating Your Future

Great leaders want to develop great leaders. In The Accountable Leader Development Session Sam will empower participants to create an environment in their organization that cultivates and develops future leaders. This interactive session will give individuals the tools and resources to develop systems to help future leaders to accept responsibility, authority and accountability. Sam will give strategies to help the accountable leader with his/her personal growth while developing the skills necessary to lead others to their highest potential.

Sam enthusiastic and energetic presentation style will help leaders effectively communicate change in their organization in a positive light and give them understanding of how team members adapt to change. Leadership will develop the skills necessary to recognize the individuals in the organization who can help facilitate change from within the organization to maximize positive results. Sam is skillful at teaching leaders how to find leadership in unlikely places in the organization.

Sam equips the accountable leader with the ability to set priorities, understand the relationship between a disciplined lifestyle in the decision making process, and the courage to live without excuses. In addition participants will learn to lead across gender, age, race and ethnicity as they skillfully adapt the 5 proactive principles of accountability in their personal and professional lives. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become an Accountable Leader and the responsibilities that come with great leadership.

Major takeaways from The Accountable Leader:

  • Be able to define and articulate the organizations vision and strategic intent
  • Mastering effective communication skills
  • Exploring different leadership styles
  • Facing change as an organizational leader
  • Leading with the effective use of stories
  • Identifying future leaders in the organization
  • Designing leadership development tracks for all levels of leaders
  • Becoming a servant leader
  • Connecting effective leadership with personal accountability

The Accountable Leader is designed for upper leadership teams including the executive suite. Participants will develop skills that enhance their current leadership style and leave them in a position to more effectively guide their team and organization into the future.