Developing Accountable Organizations

Develop and Lead Productive Teams

Building a great team is a skill and to be successful every team member must be accountable. Using Sam’s 5 Proactive Accountabilities participants will learn how to be effective in leading a team, recognize the talents each team member possesses. Sam will help individuals learn how to leverage the strengths of each team member for the success of the team. Team members will learn to function at a higher level as they recognize the power of synergy.

Sam will customize a program that will help your team identify their right things, prioritize what is important as a team, learn how to be an effective team member, define the team roles and responsibilities, and identify the strategic intent and goals of the team. Through highly energetic interactive exercises and application of the principles taught participants will develop the ability to trust and respect peers, communicate direction and expectations more effectively, learn how to create space for new ideas in a team setting, work together to manage constant change in the organization and develop the skills necessary to help everyone on the team remain accountable.

Upon completion of Building Accountable Teams participants will understand the vision of their organization and have the ability to understand the importance of the strategic intent and goals of the organization. In addition Sam will teach your team to effectively execute the directives from leadership and give them the tools and resources to create a collaborative environment that will allow individuals to achieve greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Major takeaways from Building Accountable Teams:

  • Clearly defining the strategic intent of the team
  • Identifying Right Things as a team
  • Matching individual skill sets with team functional needs
  • Mastering team communication skills
  • Effective team development
  • Managing the process as a team to overcome challenges
  • Articulating team expectations
  • Importance of team accountability
  • Coaching and mentoring team members

Building Accountable Teams connects the 5 Proactive Accountabilities™ with effective team building, effective team leadership and being an effective team member. Everyone involved will understand and connect the skills of highly accountable people with effective teamwork.