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I am constantly asked who my best resources are, so I have put them all here. If I recommend them, it means I love them, I’ve used them, or they are here as the result of tremendous research. I don’t have time to mess around with a good product and poor support. I want a supplier that offers value, stands behind their products and services, and is available for support.

My very favorite sites offer free phone support. That’s a must for me. I do have a few recommended sites that don’t offer phone support, but they make up for it in ease of use and online availability.

Check these out and see what makes sense for yourself.

If you need audio recording, CD or DVD duplication this is the place! PrimeTime Duplication.

Dropbox – Dropbox is program that lets you sync your files between multiple computers or mobile devices.  You can work on a document, put it in your dropbox folder, then access it from another computer or from your smartphone on the go.

Send Out Cards – Send Out Cards is the fastest, easiest, most professional way to create and send thank you cards or cards for any occasion to clients, friends and family. This is a cloud based product. It allows you to automate campaigns and group your contacts by type.  Use their standard cards or upload your own pictures and art to create any thank you card or marketing piece you desire.

FusionHQ – Great product for quickly creating websites and building membership sites. Simple to use, lots of tutorials.  I built my first membership site in a weekend with this.

Infusionsoft – Fantastic, cloud based marketing system.  Infusionsoft is your database, email list management, bulk emailer, shopping cart and automation system wrapped into one product. We use this to run our office.

Royalty Free Music Downloads – Fresh Music – Exceptional Quality and Value in Production Music since 1990

– Stop receiving so much spam. Save time and money with this great, inexpensive service.  I was so tired of spam that I tried this out. Wow! My inbox is clean for the first time in years. I’m saving hours of work each week. You can try this out for 30 days for free. – The best place to get low price URLs and internet marketing services.

Jumpline – I would use this host for a single site because of value and ease of use, but if you even think you will want more then one web site, this is the way to go.  I never have any downtime, and their control panel is very easy to use. They answer the phone and provide great support. If you are looking for great value and superior support then Jumpline is outstanding. VDS Web Hosting VDS Web Hosting

Practice Pay Solutions
– A great internet shopping cart – and – A great merchant account provider. Not only is their service great and their pricing competitive, it is very good to have both important services from the same provider. They provide superior service and answer their phone. If you have a small mailing list you can host it there as well and not incur any additional costs. They have a free trial ($3.95) which is a great way to start. Great resource!

AudioGenerator A fantastic way to put audio on your web site, in your email, or send audio postcards. This service is easy to use. In about five minutes you will be up and running. You can add audio to your site or in your email message. You can even sent an audio postcard. Very inexpensive service with great upside!

If you want to record off of the telephone this guy has all of the necessary equipment.

Audacity – This is a great, free audio recording and editing program.  I use it for all of my audio products and podcasts.

Podbean – Podbean is a great podcast hosting website.  It even has an option for growing storage limits so you never run out of space.

Speaking of Podcasts, here are the instructions to get your podcast up on iTunes.

Youtube – Everyone should have heard of YouTube by now.  This is the top video sharing site on the internet.

Vimeo – You can never have your videos in too many places.  Vimeo is a great video streaming website, much like Youtube.

Traffic Geyser – Traffic Geyser is a site that will push your media all over the internet.  Instead of manually uploading your videos to Youtube and Vimeo and dozens of other sites, you just upload the file once here and it will do all the rest.  There is a bit of up front setup, but then it rolls pretty quickly.

SlideShare – SlideShare is a site that lets you upload your powerpoint slideshows so that you can show them to anyone around the world.

Hootsuite – Do you need a way to manage all of those tweets and followers?  Hootsuite is a great site that can manage it all.  You can filter categories and even schedule tweets to go automatically.


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