Developing Accountable Supervisors™

Developing Accountable Supervisors

Creating Great Leaders at All Levels of the Organization

In this thought provoking interactive session Sam helps individuals recognize that the success of the organization is in direct relationship to the level of competency of the leadership. Supervisors will develop an understanding of the vital role they play in the success of the organization. Sam equips participants with the tools and resources for continued personal growth. Individuals will master the skills of delegating responsibility and authority while helping team members stay accountable to each other and to the organization.

Sam believes that supervisors and managers are a critical bridge to the success of any organization. Sam teaches supervisors and managers how to understand and value the authority structure inside the organization and the role they play. Sam will help participants develop the ability to use effective communication across positions in the organization. Participants will see and understand the value of prioritizing and organizing task to increase productivity and efficiency, and maximize personal and organizational time to set priorities and complete those task that are most important to the success of the organization.

Sam will provide supervisors and managers with the concepts of effective team management and how to use diversity as a strategic advantage. Participants will have the ability to communicate effectively the goals, mission and values of the organization and be in a position to help the organization become more successful.

Major takeaways from Developing Accountable Supervisors:

  • Understanding the difference between mastering the job and leading others
  • Communication skills that work
  • The importance of conveying the “why” behind what everyone does
  • Establishing the right expectations
  • Developing effective presentation skills
  • Managing multiple priorities
  • The value of servant leadership
  • Designing and facilitating effective meetings
  • Identifying and developing future leaders
  • Connecting accountability with effective leadership
  • Supervising as an art form

Developing Accountable Supervisors is designed to take people who have proven they can perform the job and transition them into entry level leadership positions. Frontline leaders also learn how to successfully move up the leadership ladder within the organization.

Successful completion of this program will add to the skill set and confidence of your leadership team and position your organization more rapid and sustainable growth moving forward.

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