The replacement for traditional leadership training. Non-Negotiable. Freeing. Powerful. Defining.

A Non-Negotiable. It’s a decision—from which there is no retreat. It’s a positive standard you create that respects the rights of others—and is absolute. It reflects who you really are—and where you really want to go. In it lies your true source of personal power and control. It is the influential solution and purposeful focus to direct your life and organization to success.

For years organizations have focused on traditional leadership skills, customer service training and team building. Non-Negotiables—based on a personal belief system and mission—free you—and everyone else you work with. They define you and drive you.

Imagine a culture forged from the inside out—from individuals!—not from company handbooks. Imagine a working environment that reflects who you really are—and who everyone else really is on your team. Knowing your Non-Negotiables—and living them with all your might—determines this.

In this program Sam Silverstein will teach you how to identify what you deeply believe and are willing to stand for—and how to write your Non-Negotiables to live by. In this revealing process, you will awaken your own personal authentic power that will affect your family, your team, your organization—everyone around you.

You will experience how to:

  • ask the one key question that will help you form your Non-Negotiables
  • forge absolutes—standards set that are not open to debate
  • listen to your inner voice—the true source of your belief system—and  bring those beliefs into sharper focus
  • distinguish between your belief system and your personal mission
  • practice your new-found Non-Negotiables at home and at the office
  • influence others to fully align their beliefs with their actions
  • establish your Non-Negotiables in a way that respects the rights of others—and motivates them to raise their game to your standards, even if their belief system is different from yours!

Author of No More Excuses—The Five Accountabilities For Personal and Organizational Growth, Sam has taken this journey personally and implemented it into his organization. He has experienced firsthand the initial power of accountability and the subsequent freeing power of Non-Negotiable after spending two years in a case study Happy State Bank of Texas—a growing bank with 32 locations with an excess of $2 billion in assets. Explore how their Non-Negotiables built a sustainable culture honoring The Golden Rule. Through Sam’s coaching, you, too, will learn the power and principles of Non-Negotiables–and how they can direct your course and transform your organization.

“I know what it means to be a leader. I know what it means to create a culture around a shared belief system that expresses itself in action—and see the longevity and success it creates. True success can be a reality for you, your family, your team, your organization—and your customers and clients. It happened for me—and it can happen for you and your business. Let me show you how. Let me demonstrate the power of identifying your belief system, mission in life, and taking a stand for what is Non-Negotiable in your life.”

–Sam Silverstein