See the Solution™

See the Solution

Visually Exploring Complex Topics to Deliver Critical Outcomes

See the Solution is a facilitated process that enables groups to fully explore complex topics, while making sense of this complexity. It involves and engages all group members on an equal footing, leading to coherence through dialogue. The process facilitates clarity of understanding and prepares the group for making the decisions that will lead to accountable action and results.

While it can be a part of a larger, fully facilitated strategic planning experience, See the Solution does not in itself bring about decisions or suggest actions related to any specific issues; the process helps the group to unlock their shared consciousness toward better understanding the context and the perspectives that surround the decisions they make and the actions they take.

See the Solution is designed to unlock and support constructive dialogue. It comprises a large collection of high-quality color images that are visually interesting and which covers almost every aspect of our complex environment. Participants become engaged and actively involved, thus creating an enabling environment within which the group can fully explore new ideas and possibilities.

First, the group agrees on the topic that it wants to explore (sometimes, the group or it’s leader knows exactly what the “real” topic is coming into the work-session with Sam, while at other times this may only emerge as a result of facilitated dialogue).

Then, each member of the group creates a collection of images that they intuitively or literally connect to the topic. For example, a person may choose a picture of a winding road and think, “This symbolizes the changes and redirections that face our team.”

As they later relate the connections between the topic and their selected images, group members tell their own stories or create metaphors about the topic from their point of view. Likewise, they hear the perspectives of others. This conversation brings about a more thorough and shared understanding of the topic, which can then lead to further action like establishing a vision, reaching a decision, assigning critical tasks and so on.

When does See the Solution work?

When a group is engaged in these (or similar activities):

  • Engaging in comprehensive facilitated strategic planning
  • Looking for patters in complex issues and making connections
  • Exploring different perspectives
  • Asking new questions
  • Crafting stories and creating metaphors
  • Tapping into the personal experience of group members
  • Articulating what is known to the group, but not discussed openly
  • Exploring new ideas
  • Imagining alternatives

See the Solution is an excellent way to set up and move directly to No More Excuses so your team members fully understand the accountable implementation of the achieved outcomes.

Facilitated work-sessions are suitable for all levels of staff and Sam is effective working with all levels of staff, ranging from blue-collar workers to executive teams. Sam knows facilitation and strategic planning from both sides as he is the former president and chairman of the board of a large organization. He knows what does and does not work in facilitated sessions designed to tackle complex topics. Your session will yield an enjoyable experience and deliver critical outcomes.

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