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The leadership of a great organization has an obligation to make a special kind of commitment to its employees, a commitment that they can always feel safe in asking for help when they need it, and always feel comfortable enough in their work environment to know they will never be penalized for asking for help. It is obvious [1] that that wasn’t happening here… and that, right now American is not living up to that commitment. As a result, its customers and its employees are suffering.

Accountability For Customer Service Only Happens When You Believe It

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Recently I was on the website of a major airline trying to purchase a ticket that I had put on hold. This airline lets you hold a ticket for 24 hours before making your final decision. The website had a message on the top saying it was being serviced and that it might not operate properly. It didn’t.

Create a Better Customer Experience by Changing Expectations

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I recently bought a product at the grocery store. The product itself was wrapped in cellophane and then was inside of a box. The entire box was itself then wrapped in cellophane. I bought the same product before from a different manufacturer, only there was no cellophane on the outside of the box. This time, as I opened the cellophane …

What Is Your Customer Accountability?

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How good are you at customer accountability? That’s right. Customer accountability. That’s the accountability that we have as business professionals to the clients and customers that we serve. I believe we can apply our accountability in four areas. The first is that we are accountable for our organization to give a great experience. The customer experience should be exceptional. It …

Build A Better Biz By The Numbers – Superior Customer Service

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5 Steps To Superior Customer Service 1. Know who your customer really is. 2. Learn all about your customers needs. 3. Separate their “product” needs from their, “act of doing business with you” needs. 4. Design systems to address your customer’s needs and then exceed their expectations. 5. Empower your entire company to service the needs of your customers. 2 …

Manage the Process for Business Success

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The fourteen year-old girl stood tall and proud.  She had been in this situation before and knew just what she needed to do.  The referee handed her the soccer ball.  She picked out the perfect piece of grass.  The height was just right, and she placed the ball there.  Confidently, she rotated the ball a few times until it sat …