The Accountable Community Project™

amarillo_accountability_comversationThe Accountable Community Project is a community wide initiative designed to create a better community by helping organizations create cultures that inspire accountability, growth and development. And, by bringing a cross section of people who care about the community together to identify specific community values and apply them to the areas of Business, Government, Not-For-Profit, Education and Healthcare, discern existing community challenges and create a specific plan for overcoming those challenges.

Communities are at the heart of the American life and drive the economic and agricultural stability of our country. Creating better communities will create a better country. Better communities are created when organizations focus on crating an organizational culture that inspires accountability and when community members come together to talk about their goals, dreams and aspirations. When an Accountable Community is created the life of each of its members is enhanced and their future potential expanded. The Accountable Community Project creates a better, brighter future not only for the people currently living in the community but for the generations to follow.

Let’s talk about how we can bring this program to your community.

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