Lead With Accountability or Become Irrelevant

 The keynote speaker for creating an accountable workforce, developing committed employees, and retaining great people

What would it look like if everyone in your organization was inspired to be accountable?


Assess the current state of leadership, engagement and accountability in your corporate culture.


Create an environment where people are encouraged to care, connect and contribute.


Transform your company into a sustainable, high-performance organization.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. When leaders own and model their own accountability they create a place where everyone wants to be their very best.

Accountability is the highest form of leadership.™

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Our world is changing. Rapidly. Strong leaders know that to succeed, compete, and connect at extraordinary levels – they need the skills, ability, and mindsets to get the most from their team members. Leaders who can cultivate accountability – foster cohesiveness – manage fluidly – delegate with grace – encourage with enthusiasm – will propel people to produce at their highest potential. Those are the leaders that are transforming business, industry, and profitability today. To develop these skills and strategies, those leaders turn to Sam Silverstein.

The most trusted voice on accountability

“Sam Silverstein’s performance on the platform as a keynote speaker at the annual management meeting of Life Care Centers of America validated the value of our company culture, affirmed it’s role as a compass on a sea of uncertainty in health care, and identified accountability as the characteristic that sets an organization apart in the marketplace.”
~Beecher Hunter, President, Life Care Centers of America

Author and Accountability Keynote Speaker

Accountability keynote speaker Sam Silverstein incites success and creates leaders everywhere he goes. He leaves those he meets challenged toward results and encouraged toward greatness. In his presentations, Sam challenges his audiences to think differently, uses unforgettable illustrations and paints vibrant and inspiring pictures for attendees.

Sam is the author of 7 books on the topic of accountability, leadership and corporate culture. His case studies, research, hands-on client experiences and content from his writings all come together in Sam’s high-content, high-entertainment value keynotes.

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