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Month: July 2008

Close The Sale … Give Them a Choice

The US Open tennis tournament is being played this week. Of all the sporting events I enjoy watching, being at one of the four major tennis tournaments has to be my favorite. Your ticket will get you into the event, and it is good for a reserved seat in the main stadium. Now, this is where it gets interesting. There can be up to eighteen matches being played at the same time throughout the day.

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Mastermind Your Business for Accountability and Success

I went to my Mastermind Group meeting yesterday.  I didn’t really think that I had much to discuss.  Boy, was I wrong. All I wanted was a quick approval on the artwork for my new business card.  I thought this would take about 60 seconds.  Thirty minutes later, my card was totally redesigned. The members of my Mastermind Group questioned the specific message that I wanted my card to convey.  They had me remove three

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Deliver Authentic Value and Grow Your Business

July 11th was the international release date for the new Apple iPhone 3G.  Stores around the world opened their doors and proceeded to sell out of every phone they had. Here in St. Louis the line was so long you would have had to wait 5 hours to buy and activate a phone.  While I chose not to wait I did decide to hang out a bit and chat with some of the people who

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Create New Value For Your Clients

Apple Computer, Inc. opened their application store in iTunes today.  The App Store has hundreds and soon to be thousands of applications that you can download and easily install on an iPhone.  Some of the applications are free.  Others are for sale.  Most of the applications being sold are priced from $.99 to $9.99. Need a little app to keep track of all the tasks you need to complete?  Maybe you want an app to

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Making Powerful Choices

We become what we become because of the choices that we make over time and the accountability we have to our choices.  Some choices are easy like, “What do I have for breakfast?”  Others are hard such as, “How are we going to grow our sales by 35% this year?” Many times, we are so frustrated or confused that we don’t make a choice.  Not making a choice is a choice. Life and business are

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Give Them a Chance to Buy

I recently registered a new URL.  (It is for those of you who are curious.)  I used to handle the transaction.  When I purchased the URL, a screen came up that asked if I would like more information on tools that would add value to my new URL.  I had the option of saying yes or saying no. Right before hitting the final submit button there was a “special customer” offer that made

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