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Month: August 2008


What do Apple, Inc., Nordstrom and Whole Foods all have in common?  All three companies are accountable for their actions, choices and results.  Accountability for these three organizations is a cornerstone of their operations.  They realize that you must be accountable first and then business will follow. Apple, Inc. recently rolled out their new 3G iPhone and their MobileMe website.  Customers immediately reported problems with the web service.  While Apple moved quickly to solve the

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Adapt Your Business For Success

The temperature spiked almost 15 degrees this past week.  My two youngest daughters are avid soccer players.  They train three times a week while preparing for their upcoming fall season.  Before leaving for practice, I changed their water bottles to insulated coolers that were twice the size.  The girls voiced their disdain of the large heavy coolers, but I pressed on.  After practice I checked their coolers, and they were both practically empty. When the

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Be Accountable for Your Continuing Education

I just returned from the annual convention of the National Speakers Association.  This is always a special time for me.  I get to meet with my friends and peers and discuss trends and issues that we all face.  This year is very special because I return as the President of the National Speakers Association. Walking in the halls you never know whom you’ll run into.  Maybe you’ll sit next to Zig Ziglar at breakfast, chat

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Be Accountable and Grow Your Business

The Phone Call It was 8:00 on a Monday morning and my phone was already ringing.  The call was from Bob, a distributor of mine in Kalamazoo.  Bob was frustrated.  He had just received a call from an upset customer.  Bob’s customer was tired of waiting for their replacement windows.  It had been seven weeks since the homeowner had placed the original order. “I’ve been buying windows from you for the past two years,” Bob

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