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Month: January 2009

Don’t Leave Your Business Up To the Lottery

The lottery was up to $90 million this past week and I bought a ticket.  It was just a dollar.  I immediately started calculating in my head that the total cash payout, after tax, would be about $42 million, still enough for a nice holiday.  Then the balance of the calculations began.  I could give $5 million to each child, $2 million to various charities.  And, I’d still have $20 million left to share with

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Outsource – Get More Done!

As an entrepreneur you have to guard your time.  You have wonderful ideas, maybe more ideas than you can handle, but you need to stay focused.  Look at everything you do.  Which items are you great at?  Which tasks provide the greatest return in dollars on your time?  Which tasks could someone else do while you’re busy? Outsourcing broadens your coverage.  By outsourcing you extend the amount of work you are able to get done

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Are Your Eyes On The Prize?

A few years back, I was watching the women’s finals tennis match at Wimbledon.  The announcer commented about eventual winner Serena Williams’ concentration and focus.  He said, “Serena knows how to keep her eyes on the prize.”  What a great way of saying what all professionals must do! Most business people don’t achieve their highest possible success because they get distracted.  They let unimportant but seemingly urgent tasks and events draw their focus away from

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January 2009

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