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Month: May 2009

Build A Better Business By The Numbers – 4 Ways To Increase Sales

1. Sell more clients  2. Sell your clients more often 3. Increase the size of your orders 4. Raise your prices 2 Questions For You 1. How many of these four ways can you achieve? 2. How would a 10% increase in all four areas effect your sales? 1 Thing To Do Today Pick the one area you can impact the quickest. Create and implement a plan to increase that area.

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Build A Better Biz By The Numbers

Success business people know how to run their business by the numbers.  Here are some numbers that can make a difference for you.   3 Questions You Must Answer In Your Clients Mind Before They Will Buy 1. Why should I buy? 2. Why should I buy from you? 3. Why should I buy now? Clients simply will not make a purchasing decision until they formulate an answer for these three questions in their mind.

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Build Your Business By Fulfilling Needs

There were 150 people in the room, and all eyes were on me.  I was the keynote speaker at a major annual meeting for the American Diabetes Association.  My program was entitled, “The Power of Choice.”  The staff and volunteers that were present had made a series of choices that brought them to this place.  These people are dedicated to a cause.  They needed the well deserved “pat on the back,” and a motivating message

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Listen Your Way To Business Growth

Mary had the soccer ball lined up on her right foot.  Then, in an instant she sent a pass to Shawn.  It was right on target.  Shawn received the ball and passed it to Tom.  Tom passed it to Suzy who passed it to Beth.  Beth passed the ball to Bill, and he shot the soccer ball into the goal. Sounds like a regular soccer game, right?  Well, it wasn’t.  All the kids I mentioned

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