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Month: August 2010

Create a Better Customer Experience by Changing Expectations

I recently bought a product at the grocery store. The product itself was wrapped in cellophane and then was inside of a box. The entire box was itself then wrapped in cellophane. I bought the same product before from a different manufacturer, only there was no cellophane on the outside of the box. This time, as I opened the cellophane to get to the box, I thought to myself, wow, this product must really be

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Careful Analysis Reveals Your Growth Strategies

Recently, one of my daughters called up and she said she was having a problem with her car. She explained to me what the problem was, how it was acting and the noises and sounds that it was making. I turned around and called the mechanic that normally works on that car and relayed the story to him. I asked him, “What could the possible problem be?” He said, “Sam, there could be many causes

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Spending Time With My Good Friend and Partner Chad Hymas

I had the best time recently spending a few days with Chad Hymas.  Three days of strategic and tactical planning can go a long way.  Of course, we did have to take the occasional ice cream break! Besides Chad being such a close friend we partner on delivering The Accountability Academy™ for clients looking to shift their culture to one based in accountability.  What really excites me is that we also drive their safety initiative

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Keep It Simple – Accountable To Be Our Best

I recently changed the way that I shave. I went from a five-edge blade back to what some would call an old-fashioned double-edged razor. It’s a single blade. Here’s what I’ve discovered. With the single blade, I’m getting just as good a shave, maybe better than the five blades I was using. You see, sometimes in business, we accumulate stuff that gets in the way and what we need to be doing is we need

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Creating Alliances

An alliance is a powerful tool. German auto giant Daimler recently confirmed that it is joining the Nissan-Renault alliance. With all three carmakers taking small stakes in each other, the aim is to combine resources, to drive up volumes and create more economies of scale. The three carmakers said the deal would increase competitiveness of all partners, create a substantial increase in volume, lead to economies of scale, cost sharing and development. Do you look

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Planners’ Favorite Speakers

What an honor.  I was selected to be on the Meetings and Conventions list of Planners’ Favorite Speakers.  It’s quite a list and I’m honored to be included on a list of speakers that were chosen with the question, “Who is the best keynote presenter you have ever heard or used?” You can see the entire list of speakers here.

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Be A Great Teammate

Butler University made it to the championship game of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and almost won the whole tournament. What really impressed me was the way that Butler University coach, Brad Stevens communicated with his team. In the locker room, before the game, he said six words I’ll never forget. “Be a great teammate. Be accountable.”  What a powerful concept. Be a great teammate. In other words, support the other people around you. Be part

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