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Month: September 2010

Developing Great Safety Leaders

I recently worked with a client in a program that we call Safety Leaders University™. We work with their safety leaders to develop their leadership skills so they can lead their safety teams and achieve their goals. We determined well over 30 characteristics for a safety leader, and then we defined three that really jump out at you Number one, great safety leaders are great communicators. They need to be able to explain to those

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The Power of Better Personal Relationships

I recently returned from a conference for the National Speakers Association in Phoenix, Arizona. As a past president of the National Speakers Association, I’m very involved in what goes on and I enjoy meeting with my peers and friends, communicating on a regular basis. Here’s what I discovered during the meeting. It was a small meeting of maybe 225 people. Some of the friends that I regularly hung out with were not there and what

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It’s Time To Quit

I want you to quit. That’s right. I want you to quit. When was the last time someone said you should quit? You should stop. You should give up. You don’t hear it very often but the truth is, sometimes, quitting is the essence of success. How can that be? It’s simple. Our plates are so full with so many activities that we don’t have the time or the space or the mental capacity to

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