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Month: September 2011

Micro Center … Macro Accountability

My company runs on Apple Macs but we have one PC running Windows. It is used for a critical production process and we cannot afford for it to be down. Well it was down and it was down for 48 hours. When we could not fix the programs ourselves, or with the assistance of a call in help desk, I decided it was time to take action and resolve the issue once and for all.

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We Are Accountable To Hope

While attending a recent annual meeting of the National Speakers Association I noticed that the word “hope” was used dozens of times from the main platform. I started thinking about the concept of hope and came to the conclusion that nothing happens without hope. Hope is what drives all action and without action nothing happens. With hope we believe that something is possible. Once we believe it is possible we will work through the challenges

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Big Dreams Deliver Big Results

One of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes is, “Dream Bigger.”  Steve understands that many times we are not limited by other people or elements beyond our control but rather we limit our self.  Small dreams do not motivate us to try big things.  If we set our activities on small goals then that is all we can achieve, and we naturally stop when we reach those goals.  By expanding our dream we expand what is possible

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September 2011

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