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Month: May 2012

Attracting High Performance Employees

There is a trend in the marketplace of web start up companies that are being purchased by larger companies just for the key personnel. They’re buying the companies and then jettisoning the products, giving up on the products. They want to hire the founder of that organization. They want the engineers. It’s been shown that finding the right engineer can be worth 500 thousand to a million dollars to some organizations. So what do you

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Hire Traits – Teach Skills

There is a well known and proven philosophy in hiring people, that you hire traits but you train and teach skill-sets. The skills that are necessary to perform the task, whether it be in sales or customer service, behind the line or in front of the customer, those sorts of skills can be taught. You’ve developed them in your organization, you know what they are, you can teach them. But traits are something that are

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Plan Your Success

I was recently planning a trip to Asia to work with several new clients. And with one of the clients, I needed to come up with the right plan because I wanted to make sure that the relationship started off right and that it was highly successful. I believe that success happens because we plan for it to happen and when we take the time to create a great plan, great things can happen. So

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Networking to Achieve

A friend of mine recently reached out to me via Skype. She wanted to connect me with a client of hers. He had a successful business and recently wrote a book and wanted to be speaking more professionally. She knew I was the past president of National Speaker’s Association and thought I might be a good resource for him so she made the connection. We had a phone call and he was a really nice

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