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Month: September 2012

Create Positive Situations

I recently returned from an overseas trip where I worked with several clients. The long trip back to the United States took 25 hours and needless to say, these long flights can be tedious. Yes, I packed my magazines and my books. I had my iPhone and my iPad and everything else that I needed to watch movies and entertain my self. But on the return trip, I tried to focus not so much on

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Leadership Exit Plan

Do you have a leadership exit plan? That’s right, a leadership exit plan. In other words, have you developed leaders so that you have an exit plan? This is a way to move up in your organization, a way to develop further, a way to take on new responsibilities. You see, until you develop the people that are going to take your responsibilities, you’re not going to have the time to take on additional responsibilities.

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Building Accountable Organizations

On a recent television interview, I was asked, what comes first, accountable organizations or accountable individuals? I believe that organizations that show a culture based on accountability or those organizations that have developed and have built themselves around a group of accountable individuals. It’s the individual accountability that comes together to create that culture with an organization that’s based on accountability. So how do we do that? Well I think you can nurture both. Not

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Jack’s Strategic Intent

Recently, I was in Nashville, Tennessee working with a client, speaking at a major conference. I had the opportunity to go downtown and have dinner at Jack’s, which is a famous barbecue restaurant. And why do I tell you this? Simply because what I found is Jack’s is a very accountable restaurant. They’re incredibly successful and I believe one of the reasons is that they are accountable to do the right things consistently. They know

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