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Month: December 2012

What Are You Tied To?

Before Steve Jobs, former president of Apple, Inc., passed away he told Tim Cook, the new president, “Never ask the question, ‘What would Steve Jobs have done?’ Just do the right thing.” This powerful message delivered to the new president of Apple freed Tim Cook from having to worry about his predecessor.  It freed Cook from having to make decisions in the future based on trends, opinions and leadership styles that were cemented in the

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Don’t’ Take It For Granted

For the past week I have been working with many great organizations and wonderful people in Saudi Arabia helping them build organizational cultures based in accountability. The other night I was at my business partners home and after dinner he had the driver take me back to the hotel.  The driver is from a small town in India.  He speaks very broken English and the words he does know are verbalized with a very unusual

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Disruptive Technology

For the past decade Apple, Inc. has been the absolute master at disruptive technology. First they came out with the iPod, then the iPhone and then the iPad. Each time Apple introduced a product they set a standard in the market that their competition could not match. Apple controlled over 85% of the mp3 player market, redefined what a smart phone is and controls 85% of the tablet market. In the process Apple caused companies

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