The Accountability Blog

Month: July 2016

Accountability is Not About Business it’s About People

Business executives looking for a competitive advantage today are, more and more, wanting their people to be accountable. The problem is that for some time now society has misunderstood what accountability really is.

Accountability is not a business tool, technique or tactic. Accountability cannot be mandated, dictated or stipulated. Accountability is something that happens on a very visceral level as people learn to really value people and as relationships are built.

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The Accountable Community Project™

I’m excited because there are leaders in our communities who want to make a difference, who know that they have what they need to make a difference and are willing to step up, come together, have the tough conversations so they can make a difference in their communities. They want to be a part of building accountable communities. And I’m excited to lead those conversations.

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