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Month: August 2016

EpiPen Doesn’t Stick To Their Values – They Stick it to Their Customers

Mylan, the manufacturer of the EpiPen used by children and adults with deadly allergies, has raised the price of this lifesaving device from $100 to $600 since they acquired it in 2007.

Since when does the actions of other people justify our actions? Since when does the actions of other companies justify our company’s actions? And, when does someone step up and say, “We’re going to do what’s right, period”?

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Conversation To Accountability

We recently begin working on The Accountable Community Project™. One of the first steps was a series of conversations in a community around what really goes into building an accountable community.

We brought together people from very diverse backgrounds. We had a former city mayor and a former convict. We had a recovering drug and alcohol addict and a small business owner. We had spiritual leaders and business people. We had younger and older aged people. And, we had people without tattoos and with a bunch of tattoos.

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There’s No Such Thing As Self Leadership

Some people would have you believe that self-leadership is an art, something to be mastered and even strived for. There is no such thing as self-leadership. There is self-development and personal growth but self-leadership doesn’t exist. Leaders always focus on the people they lead.

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