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Month: June 2017

Employee Driven Change

Create an environment where everyone is trying to get better. When the right environment is created people embrace change and the organization thrives.

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Core Values

Building an organization’s success around a set of core values is the most powerful way to engage people and encourage accountability.

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Make Change A Part Of Your Culture

When you understand the 4 elements of control and learn what to focus on, change becomes a positive element of your culture. Learn how to create an organizational culture that values and masters change.

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Truth is Under Attack

Accountability and lying never go together. Accountability and truth go together. Lack of truth, fake news and alternative facts are flooding us. This barrage has eroded accountability in our society. What makes this really serious is that this barrage of lying is coming from leadership. Rediscover what accountability is based on and understand the slope we are sliding down.

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Change Can Be Positive

Great communication can transform change into a very positive vehicle for growth. Though great communication you will build the relationships necessary to make change just a decision.

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