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Month: November 2017

Finding Balance

Finding and keeping balance is important for everyday lives. Listen as Sam shares on the various areas where we should keep balance and how it helps us make decisions.

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The Future of Leadership is Accountability

When a leader freaks out and starts changing things their people are intensely affected. Inconsistent leadership creates an environment that is full of distractions for the people they lead. When the people are distracted they cannot focus on the purpose, mission and tasks at hand for the enterprise. Great leaders stay steady and they know exactly what to be steady about.

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Thinking Matters

Watching what we think is important! Our thoughts cause to make our daily decisions. Listen as Sam shares on how to pay attention to what we think.

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Pursuing Your Future

Learning to pursue your passions and future is important. Listen as Sam shares about a friend who followed her dreams and all that it has lead too!

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What’s Important To You?

What’s Important To You? People? Things? Values? Whatever it may be learn how you can hold true to what matters in your personal and professional life!

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Accountability Is Always On Time

Take a look at how accountability is around us everyday and how it effects our everyday life. Accountability is a fundamental element of life! Learn how you can apply it today!

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November 2017

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