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Month: December 2017

Knowing What You Believe and Value

Knowing what we believe and value is an important of making accountable decisions. In this new video Sam shares on this importance and offers some insight on how to attain what you believe and value

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Living With Humility

Learning to live with humility is important! Take a look as Sam shares on we can learn to live with humility in our professional and personal lives!

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Finding The Purpose

Finding the purpose in something can be a tough choice and decision to make. Take a listen as Sam shares the importance of finding the right purpose in the right choices of life. You will gain valuable tools on how to navigate the daily decisions we face in life!

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Who Surrounds You?

Surrounding yourself with good people is vital part of life! Take a listen as Sam shares on how surrounding himself with good has impacted his life and how it can also impact yours!

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Sexual Misconduct Would Not Exist in an Accountable Culture

It’s really very simple, if an organization’s culture was really an accountable culture then sexual misconduct could not persist. And, while it probably wouldn’t happen in the first place, at the first sign that sexual misconduct reared it’s ugly head it would be cut off and eliminated in an instant.

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Welcome to America … We Have No Values … It’s All About Power

The time has come to take the gloves off and be brutally honest. When someone is willing to support, give money to or vote to elect someone to the United States Senate who has been accused of molesting a minor then all you care about is power. All you care about is the seat in the Senate and being able to pass a bill. All you care about are money decisions.

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Virtuous Living

Living with virtues is a key part of life. Take a look as Sam shares some in depth ways on what it means to live a virtuous life.

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