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Month: February 2018


Being generous can go a long way. Listen as Sam shares on how being generous is an important part of making accountable decisions.

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When The Challenge Comes

Many times throughout our lives we will face various different challenges. Listen as Sam shares how making the right decisions when faced with challenges can help us stay accountable!

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Having The Right Stuff

Listen as Pat Hickman shares on the importance of having the right values and things in place! In order for real breakthrough to happen!

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The Biggest Leadership Myth

One of the major challenges in our society today is that people are trying to make leadership all about themselves. They think, “Oh – I’m the leader now. That means I get a special parking place.” Or: “I’m the leader now. I get to use the corporate jet.” Or: “I’m the leader now. I get to treat people however I want.” This way of thinking is rampant. Being a great leader means you are focused on the growth, success and wellbeing of the people you lead. Never lose focus on that.

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How Can We Get Better?

The Accountable Leader is always looking towards the future and how they can get better. Listen as Sam shares how we can focus on our growth and get better at what we do!

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Aligning Your Beliefs

Making sure that our personal and professional beliefs align is important for us to learn. Listen as Sam shares on this skill and how you can apply it to your life today!

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Pat Hickman – Part Four

Helping others is important, and finding ways to do that in your community can be impactful. Watch this video as Pat Hickman shares on the effect that helping others can have on your community!

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The Greatest Asset

In this video, Sam speaks about a culture by design and, how having a thriving culture can be an asset to our business and personal lives.

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