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Month: March 2018

Taking The Next Step

Sometimes taking the next step means taking a huge step! Listen as Sam shares on the importance of knowing what it is right even when it is unclear of what the next step is!

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Are You Accountable To or Accountable For?

My wife’s parents were over for dinner the other night. Renee cooked a nice meal, we had a great time together and after sitting around for a while to talk after dinner I drove them home. Along with Renee’s brother and his wife we look after them, we help them balance their check book and we make sure they have the care necessary to be both comfortable and safe. We do the same for my

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Trusting In Character

Having great character and stewardship is important for a leader in making decisions. Listen as Sam shares on what happens when a leader has trust in character and stewardship.

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You Always Have a Choice

Making choices and decisions is a vital part of being accountable. Listen as Sam shares how we can daily make the right decisions and choices in our daily lives.

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