The Accountability Blog

Month: April 2018

We Can Choose

We have the power to choose how we react to bad news. Listen as Sam shares about how a friend who taught him that reacting positively to bad news can affect the very world around us!

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Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson Knows Accountability

Accountability is not about things. Accountability is about people. We must always remember this. Relationships with people, caring for people, standing by people and valuing people are always at the very core of the true positive power that flows from accountability.

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Gratitude is an essential trait of being an accountable leader. Listen as Sam shares on the importance of having this trait and how it applies to making accountable decisions!

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It Takes Kids to Teach Accountable Leadership

Accountable leaders inspire others to greatness, both individually and collectively. Leaders unite people for a common cause or goal and then light the way to their objective. Leaders believe in the people around them, their ability and their potential and then find a way to tap that goodness and reach that potential.

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