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Month: June 2022

ethics - it takes one to know one - 2 figures in ties one lifting the ethics sign one leaning on it

It Takes One to Know One – EY Caught in an Ethics Void

Certified public accounting firms are supposed to help business leaders have the most accurate information about the performance of their organization. They are also supposed to protect investors of public companies by testing the validity of the information provided and creating confidence that the numbers are accurate. They catch errors and they discover fraud. But, presently, it looks like the fraud being committed is by Ernst & Young (EY) themselves. The Securities and Exchange Commission

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Achieve Everything You Want

What if I told you that accountability was at the center of achieving everything you ever wanted? Does accountability really seem that powerful? Here’s the thing, what happens to us is based on the actions we take. Those actions are determined by what we believe. What we believe about people will determine the level of accountability that we have. And what we believe is at the very heart in determining what we achieve. Let’s discuss.

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