7 Habits Of Incredibly Unsuccessful Business Professionals – Part II

We’ve heard over and over what to do to be more successful. In the first part of this article I told you four bad habits not to do.

Below I will discuss the other three bad habits that you must eliminate if you are to sell more, build your business, and increase your income this year.

It’s very simple. If you can eliminate all seven habits you will find your business growing, expanding and prospering.

5. Spend It All Today, There Will Be More Tomorrow

You see this everyday. Many times you don’t even know that you’re looking at a prime example of this bad habit.

I know several people that drive fancy new cars, live in very big homes with swimming pools, and send their kids to the finest private schools.

They are always buying toys; new computers, the latest digital cameras, new stereo equipment, and of course the “can’t do without” home theatre complete with super deluxe ultra-realistic surround sound, 35 speakers, and 750 watts of ear busting power!

Whether they are doctors, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or managers at Exxon, it’s all the same issue. You can’t continue to spend more than what you are taking in.

No matter how hot it is outside, or how clear the sky, is I know that sooner or later it will rain. In business you will run into slow times. Do you have money put away for those times? In your personal life you will run into unexpected financial pressures. Are you saving money on a regular basis?

Plan a budget. In your budget, start off at the bottom not the top. The bottom line is the amount you want to save this year. You will need to save for future expenses, such as retirement, money for college for your children, a new home, and anything else you wish to be able to afford.

Upwards from the bottom line, you need to list all of the purchases you will be making. Include house payment, cars, food, and the usual everyday expenses. Also include vacation costs, presents, and anything else you would like to purchase.

Add all of this together. This is the amount of money you will need to have after you pay your taxes.

Now we need to figure what we will need to pay Uncle Sam. Multiply this amount by (1 – your tax rate). If you are paying 30% taxes then divide the amount of money you added up above by (1 -.30) or .70.

This is what you will need to earn to be able to live the life you desire and save the amount of money you will need to meet future expenses.

6. Neglect Seeking Change

This is an easy trap to fall into. You work very hard to achieve what you have. It’s hard to take the time to think about building to even higher levels.

There is an old expression; “If you do today what you did yesterday, you’ll get tomorrow what you got today.”

I don’t think this holds water. You see, the world is changing around us. New businesses are forming, the internet is more robust, and people are more educated then ever before. We must change just to keep up.

If you want to get ahead it is critical to look at two areas for possible changes.

What changes have you been resisting? This is the first area to examine. Have you been holding back from putting your business on line? Have you been using old systems in your office? Is there a software change you need to consider?

First, embrace the things you have been fighting.

Now ask yourself, “What can I change to be better than my competition?” This is proactive change. Can you improve your customer service? Can you add additional value to your sales process? Are there needs that your clients have that could be better addressed or served? Could you be more productive if you added an assistant?

There are so many things that you could evaluate for change. Start small but think big. And, even though all good things come from change, not all change is good.

Only by considering change and looking for ways to proactively change can you then grow and outpace your competition.

7. Fail To Say “Thank You”

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to thank everyone who has helped us.

It’s quite simple. We could not do what we do alone. Our assistants, our suppliers, our clients, our family, the community in which we live, and even the UPS driver all play a part in our success.

As a frequent flyer, the airline I use most often sent me coupons to give to their employees when I, “catch” them doing a great job. The employees could turn the coupons in for awards and time off.

I put the coupons in my briefcase and forgot about them. One day I was at the airport early and wanted to take a different flight than the one I was scheduled on. I went to the service counter and asked for assistance.

The customer service person probably shouldn’t have changed the ticket, and if she did there probably should have been one of those ridiculous “penalty” fees. Well guess what? She put me on the earlier flight and bumped me up to first class!

I remembered the coupons in my briefcase and offered her one. She resisted. “I was just doing my job,” she said. I insisted, signed the coupon and gave it to her. She just grinned.

As I walked off, she was feeling great. I was feeling great too because I felt good about doing something positive for her. But guess what? The next person that came up to the counter probably received even better service because she was in such a great mood.

My actions, and saying “thank you” went beyond the person I thanked. My actions also extended to others that she came into contact with.

Thank the people around you for everything; for a great job, for working so hard, for letting you present your product to them, and for delivering your mail. You get the idea. If you thank enough people on a regular basis, then someone will be there to thank you on one of those days that you need a little pick-me-up.

Saying “thank you” creates allegiances. If you want loyal customers, loyal employees, and loyal supporters just remember to say “thanks.”

These 7 bad habits will hold you back. Eliminate them now. Focus on your success — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz!


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