90 Seconds To Change Your Life

I was watching the television show The Voice recently. One of the contestants was about to go out on stage to audition. Right before this 18 year old girl turned to walk out she faced the camera and said, “In the next 90 seconds I could change my life.” Then, she walked out, sang her song, was selected by the judges and just like that, 90 seconds later, her life had changed. It was a very powerful moment.

What can we do in 90 seconds that will change our life? What action can we take? Who can we connect with? What project can we start? What project can we complete? What lifetime of preparation can we put into motion that could literally change our life?

This isn’t something that just happens on television. This is real world. Each and every day I see people who finally stand up and say, “No More Excuses.” They determine for themselves that they must be accountable for their choices, actions and results. Their achievements are amazing. They impact the world around them and they literally change their life. These people do not possess any unusual skills. They simply decide to become accountable.

The very first step is to stop and think about what you believe. What do you believe about your business, your family and your community? What do you believe about how you value all people, what leadership is really about and serving those around you? Many times we need to slow down and think about what we really believe.

What you believe drives your actions and your results. You can tell exactly what someone believes by what they do. What do your actions tell others about what you believe? It is never about what you say you believe, it is about what you really believe based on what you actually do. If your actions don’t support your stated beliefs then you don’t really believe it. When you know what you believe and you make sure that you always act in accordance with your beliefs you start down the road of accountability.

When we take stock of our situation in life and take charge of our destiny then we empower ourselves to be the best we can be. Ultimately, in life you will become everything you dream of becoming except for the excuses you make. Take the time to understand what you believe and live your life based on those beliefs. What are you going to do in the next 90 seconds?

Be accountable!


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