Accountability Is A Virtue

Someone who lives with moral excellence and righteousness understands the order of life. Growing up I heard over and over from my father, “Patience is a virtue. I believe accountability is a virtue. Accountability is keeping your commitments to people. People are attracted to people who are honest, transparent and who care for other people. People are attracted to people who are accountable.

Accountability is the highest form of leadership. One of the characteristics of people who possess the virtue of accountability is that they desire to grow others, not just themselves. When conflict arises the Accountable Leader will take time to analyze what they could have done differently. They have the ability to interact without bias or judgments. They don’t stereotype others. They have a code of ethics. They have discipline.

The Accountability Leader understands that authority and compassion are partners. Authority most of the time is given. Sometimes you receive authority simply because you own the company or someone has hired you into a position. Having authority without having the compassion for the people someone is leading creates dictators and authoritarians. It creates fear and anxiety that you don’t want in your workplace. Compassion for and caring for the people that you lead creates a comfortable place where the people know you are accountable to them and they want to be accountable to you.

This all starts with what you believe about people. It is easy to focus on what you do but accountability is always based in what you believe. Accountability isn’t showing up on time. Accountability is making sure that the people you lead have every opportunity to be successful and helping them achieve at their very best. When you serve others you are being accountable.

The Accountable Leader will always have someone they are accountable to and accountable for. They wear that proudly. They know they can’t do it by themselves and they are quick to give the credit to those around them. The Accountable Leader knows that virtuous living is a decision that they make and that the virtue of accountability is always the right way to live their life.


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