Accountability Roundtable™

The purpose behind the Accountability Roundtable is to have a conversation with leaders and decision makers in businesses, non-profit organizations, government, healthcare and educational institutions around the importance of knowing what you value and believe as an organization and how accountable organizations impact and influence an accountable community.

All it takes is for a leader in one of the above mentioned sectors to say, “I want to have an Accountability Roundtable™ in our community.” Using the below form, contact us and let’s talk about how easy it is to get your Roundtable started. Sam would love to come to your community and help you make accountability a reality.

We will have an open discussion around the transformative message of accountability and how it can positively affect an organization’s culture.

All organizations involved in the Accountability Roundtable will leave with ideas they can implement and steps they take that will show up on their bottom line.

Accountable organizations are critical components in build accountable communities. We can help you do that.

Contact us to discuss bringing an Accountability Roundtable to your community.

Please send more information on hosting an Accountability Roundtable in my community.

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