Advice to a Friend

A friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sent me an email asking for my advice. After I responded I decided to share it here for two reasons.  I believe that these are the keys to success in most any venture.  And because I realized that many of the challenges that we all face have simple answers.  It is executing on those solutions that is the hard part.  What’s the difference between someone who executes and someone who doesn’t.  Maybe it’s focus, maybe it’s commitment, maybe it’s accountability to self or maybe it’s self-image.  The bottom line is that it’s not enough to just come up with the answer.  We need to take responsibility to make it happen.  We need to hold ourselves accountable by any measure possible and achieve what we are capable of.

Here’s the message and response:


How’s things with you, Sam?

I’m speaking full-time this Jan 2011.  What are the valuable insights from yourself as a Pro for a new person like me?




Hey Johann,

It’s great hearing from you.  I just returned from working with a client in Kuala Lumpur and I’ll be there in April again for sure.

Your question is a simple one.

Be GREAT on stage – not in your eyes but in the eyes of those who watch and listen.
Be absolutely focused on what you’re trying to achieve.
Move forward with unabashed commitment.
Use proven methodology but along the way discover a unique advantage.
Let everyone know you are achieving your dream.
Be humble and thankful for all you receive.

Yes, the answer is simple but the execution is difficult.  Only you can decide if it can be done.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Best regards,



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