Are Apple’s Values Upside Down?

Apple is being sued to help the US Government gain access to a terrorist’s phone and Apple says, “No.” What is it that Apple values? Who are they accountable to?

Apple insists that if they help the government gain access to the terrorist’s phone that the same expertise could be used to gain access to any phone. If we make decisions based on what could happen rather than the facts of the situation we’re making a big mistake. Is the possibility of secret technology getting out more important than the possibility of saving a human life?

Since when is helping the government solve a crime a threat to human rights and personal security? Where is the value of human life?

We think our privacy is at stake when our privacy has long been gone. Google President Sundar Pichai supports Apple, but Google already knows where I go, when I go, what I buy, whom I like to check out on the internet and much much more. Credit card companies have long known everything that I buy, what my tastes are and where I shop. They can probably predict where I’ll be shopping two Saturdays from now at 1:00 in the afternoon. My privacy is long gone.

And, we don’t know if some person or another government hasn’t already figured out a back door to our phones, computers and our garage door openers.

Apple should step up and help the government with this phone. If the problem is the government using the All Writs Act, then the government and Apple should find another way. If Apple is worried about sharing information about their systems and proprietary information, then get over it. Bring the phone in house, open it up, give the information to the FBI and move on. End of story.

Apple can protect all of their customer’s privacy and at the same time potentially save one or even many lives. This shouldn’t even be an issue. So, what does Apple value?


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