Build an Organization Good Enough to Attract and Retain the Best People

Are you having attraction and retention problems? Do you constantly struggle to hire and keep the right people? Are there always unfilled job openings in your company. Does your door feel like a turnstile at times. If you can’t find enough good people, then maybe you haven’t built a company good enough to attract those people.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Recently, consulting firm Randstad conducted the Workmonitor global study. The study revealed that more than half of Gen Z and millennials would rather not work then work for a company they don’t like.

Specifically, the trend is that people want to work for companies where their personal values align with the organizational values. But here is the challenge. Most companies do not have a set of values to align with.

Oh sure, marketing, or HR or someone along the way created a set of values, put them on the wall in the cafeteria and on the website. But, that does not mean the company has a set of values. How do I know?

When I ask people in the company what their values are and they do not know them, they don’t have a set of values.

When I work with people in the middle of the organization chart and they say that they live the values, but their boss doesn’t, they don’t have a set of values.

When I hear that the company took the values from another company that was doing well and made them their own, they don’t have a set of values.

When I hear that leadership lets people stay who may be producing at a high level but are not consistently living the values, they don’t have a set of values.

Your values, the ones you have identified and are living ALL, yes all, the time define your culture. Want to attract and keep great people? Build a great company by first creating and living, all the time, a great set of values.

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