Attracting High Performance Employees

There is a trend in the marketplace of web start up companies that are being purchased by larger companies just for the key personnel. They’re buying the companies and then jettisoning the products, giving up on the products. They want to hire the founder of that organization. They want the engineers. It’s been shown that finding the right engineer can be worth 500 thousand to a million dollars to some organizations.

So what do you do to hire the right people? How do you find the key people that are going to work in your organization, because as you know, a high performance organization is based on acquiring the right talent? You can only go as far as the talent will take you. You need to always be networking. You need to be meeting people and communicating in the market place. You need to always keep the ad running, whether it’s in the internet, in a printed paper or wherever you publish your possible job openings, keep that ad out there. Always be interviewing. Always be looking for the right people.

And thirdly, get the message out that you only hire the best. And if you really truly only hire the best and you establish a reputation for that, then those great people will want to come to you. That’s the key. It’s to attract people into your organization that you can build and grow with because the greater your talent pool, the greater results that you will achieve as you’re building a more responsive and positive organization.


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