Back Up Your Success

So often business professionals are eager to learn about prospecting, marketing, closing sales, strategic planning and other important business issues.  Recently I came across a problem of a different nature.

Last week we had a bad storm.  It thundered.  There was lightning.  And, the winds were unbelievably strong.  Trees went down everywhere including several in my yard.  As you can imagine the electricity went out with the storm.

We maintain battery backup units for all seven of our computers.  If the light blinks or goes off, we never lose any information because the battery back up kicks in.  If you don’t have a battery back up you should think seriously about investing in one.  They are readily available for anywhere from $59 to $199 depending on the length of time you want the battery to last.  This is backup number one!

Usually when the electricity goes off and the backup kicks in we shut down all the computers so that everything is closed properly and no data is lost.  Unfortunately no one was in the office and eventually the battery backups ran out of power.  Our server, which houses the main company database, shut down and in doing so the files were damaged.

This is where backup number two comes in.  Each day we back up our database and our accounting files.  Not only do we back them up we store them off site on another computer.  We simply upload them to a site that stores them, and in the event of disaster we can simply download them back onto our computer or any computer anywhere in the world, and we’re back in business.

What would it be worth to you to have all your files back after you thought you lost everything?  We’ll you’re not going to believe this, but we only pay $9.95 a year for this service.

Once our electricity came back up, we saw that we had corrupted files, and downloaded the backup files. We were back in business!

You work hard for your success.  Be sure and maintain your accountability for the entire picture.  It’s great to focus on the skills and strategic planning that will enable you to grow your business.  Take the time to also look at what needs to be done behind the scenes to protect your success and make sure you have proper backup  – you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz!


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