Be Accountable to Understand Customs

I’m getting ready to travel to Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia to speak to some pretty large clients. And what I’ve learned in the past as I travel internationally is that there are different customs in different countries. And for me, to best communicate with and connect with my audience, I need to be responsible and accountable to learn what those customs are because it’s not how I approach something that matters. It’s not my feelings about an issue that matters but really the feelings of the individuals that I’m trying to communicate with.

In business, we build successful enterprises by building relationships. We build relationships within the organization and we build relationships outside of the organization. And to build the best and the strongest relationships, we need to understand the customs, the needs and the peculiarities of the people that we’re trying to build relationships with.

By understanding their needs, their customs, how they like to receive information, we’re in a position to better serve them. When we better serve these individuals, we build stronger relationships and ultimately, these relationships will lead to both our individual success and the success of the enterprise. When you’re looking to build relationships, do thorough research. Make sure you understand what your clients’ needs are, how they like the information and then give it to them that way because by understanding their customs, by understanding their needs, then you’ll be taking the steps to be accountable to grow your business.


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