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Accountability is the Answer to the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is in full swing. People are quitting their jobs. It is rampant. But it is important to understand that people, for the most part, are not retiring. People are resigning from companies where they do not feel like they belong. They are resigning where they do not feel valued. They are resigning where they do not connect to the organization’s mission. They are resigning when they are not connected to a group

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Don’t Be Builder Grade

Recently, a friend of mine (let’s call him Tom), was shopping for a new faucet for his kitchen. The one in his new home was dripping. It seemed odd to me that a piece of hardware that was only a couple of years old would give out so quickly. Tom said, “It’s a builder grade faucet. That’s to be expected.” I know of a home builder based in Lubbock, Texas that puts 50-year faucets, quartz countertops,

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Business Isn’t Business

I was recently in a conversation with someone who said, “Business is business.” My accountability antenna immediately went up. I very much dislike that phrase as well as the closely related, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” Neither of those phrases connect to accountability or accountable leadership in any way. Let’s discuss. When someone says, “Business is business” or “It’s not personal, it’s just business”, I find that to be code for, “I’m about to

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It Takes One to Know One – EY Caught in an Ethics Void

Certified public accounting firms are supposed to help business leaders have the most accurate information about the performance of their organization. They are also supposed to protect investors of public companies by testing the validity of the information provided and creating confidence that the numbers are accurate. They catch errors and they discover fraud. But, presently, it looks like the fraud being committed is by Ernst & Young (EY) themselves. The Securities and Exchange Commission

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Achieve Everything You Want

What if I told you that accountability was at the center of achieving everything you ever wanted? Does accountability really seem that powerful? Here’s the thing, what happens to us is based on the actions we take. Those actions are determined by what we believe. What we believe about people will determine the level of accountability that we have. And what we believe is at the very heart in determining what we achieve. Let’s discuss.

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Fire All of Your Managers Today!

That’s right, fire your managers. All of them. You do not need them. Managers are not going to help your organization be it’s very best. Now that you have fired all your managers, fill those open position with leaders – leaders who care, leaders who teach, and leaders who inspire. Leaders will help your organization be it’s very best. You manage things but you lead people. You manage IT. You manage inventory. You manage cash

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Build an Organization Good Enough to Attract and Retain the Best People

Are you having attraction and retention problems? Do you constantly struggle to hire and keep the right people? Are there always unfilled job openings in your company. Does your door feel like a turnstile at times. If you can’t find enough good people, then maybe you haven’t built a company good enough to attract those people. And it’s only going to get worse. Recently, consulting firm Randstad conducted the Workmonitor global study. The study revealed

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Accountable for the Truth

If you hear someone say something that just is not true, do you say anything? If not, are you truly being accountable? A few years back I arrived at a convention center in time to hear a panel of speakers share their opinions right before lunch. I was to be the first keynote of the afternoon, and I was speaking about building a workplace culture that prioritized and inspired accountability. Arriving early to see what

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The Accountable Leader is Never a Bully

When the headline reads, “Everyone is afraid of him,” that is not a good sign. This tells you that accountability is non-existent. And, you probably also know that engagement, creativity, communication, and ultimately productivity are only shadows of what they could be. With a lack of accountability from leadership to the people, accountability will never exist from the people to leadership. One of the Ten Commitments of Accountability is, “I Am Accountable to Create a

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What Went Right?

Do you find yourself constantly asking this question? Or, as so often is the case, are we asking, what went wrong? Are you living with the accountable mindsets of abundance, gratitude, and respect or do you find yourself slipping in the negative mindsets of scarcity, entitlement, and contempt? Accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking. And the mindset we choose drives those thoughts. Those thoughts, in turn, drive our

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