Build A Better Biz By The Numbers

Success business people know how to run their business by the numbers.  Here are some numbers that can make a difference for you.


3 Questions You Must Answer In Your Clients Mind Before They Will Buy

1. Why should I buy?
2. Why should I buy from you?
3. Why should I buy now?

Clients simply will not make a purchasing decision until they formulate an answer for these three questions in their mind.


2 Questions For You

1. Think about the last sales situation that you didn’t make the sale.  Can you figure out which question(s) were not answered in your clients mind?

2. Do you help your customers answer these questions, or do you hope they will come up with the answers on their own?


1 Thing To Do Today

Right now, list all the possible reasons why someone should do business with you.  Make sure this list is incorporated in your next sales presentation.


Be accountable for your success.  Make sure you understand the key numbers for you and attend to them — you will be on the road to Building a Better Biz.


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