Build A Better Business By The Numbers – 5 Things To Do With Old Clients

1.    Stay in touch
2.    Say Thank you
3.    Ask for referrals
4.    Discover if they have new needs
5.    Show them you care about them as people, not just clients

Two questions for you:

1.    When was the last time you spoke with all of your clients?
2.    How have your clients’ needs evolved over the past 24 months?

One thing for you to do:

1.    Create a brief three-question survey that you can use with your old clients to discover any new or changed needs they may have.  Now call them!

Sample questions I really like.  You can customize them for your industry.

What is your biggest challenge?
When you toss and turn at night, what is it that is keeping you up?
If this were a perfect world, what service could I offer you that would be of benefit?
What changes have you faced in the past 12 months?
What changes are you anticipating over the next 12 months?


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